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The Journey of Auxillia Chimusoro and BHASO

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1956 - Birth of Auxillia Chimusoro

1987 -   Auxillia Chimusoro tested HIV positive

1989 -  Auxillia Chimusoro revealed her HIV positive status on national TV

             Life became stigma and discrimination for Auxillia - supported by close friends    
             Anna Baisse-Munemo, Bardy MacNair and Dr. Charles Todd

1992 - 12 HIV positive people from different parts of Zimbabwe met in Harare discussing their plight as people living with HIV and decided to form support groups

-      Auxillia started Batanai HIV and AIDS support group in Rujeko T/ship, Masvingo

-  Auxillia and other members of Batanai facilitated the formation, training and coordination of other support groups

-     Co-founded Zimbabwe National Network of People living with HIV (ZNNP+)

1996 – Batanai builds a 2 roomed core house in Rujeko T/ship

-          Registration of Batanai as a PVO

-          More support groups formed in Gutu, Chivi, Masvingo Rural and Chiredzi

-          Provincial Coordinator of ZNNP+

-          Worked closely with National AIDS Co-ordination Programme (NACP) now called National AIDS Council (NAC)

-          Co-founder of Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN)

1997 – Auxillia Chimusoro joined by Peter Marimi assisting as her health was deteriorating.

1998 – More than 25 support groups formed in Masvingo Province



       Executive Member of NAP+ (Network of African People living with HIV and AIDS)

        Co-founder of ICW (International Community of Women living with HIV and AIDS)

        Attended international conferences and meetings.

June 1998 – Passed away in Harare


      Peter Marimi took over as Provincial Coordinator of support groups.

1998 - Batanai House extended to add 4 more rooms and a toilet

-  Batanai continues to facilitate formation, training and coordination and of support groups in Masvingo Province

1999 – First Provincial Congress of all support groups in Masvingo Province.

2000 – Batanai ceases formation, training and coordination as support groups in Masvingo Province open       the first ZNNP+ Provincial Office in the country.

-   Things went quiet at Batanai with the support group going on meeting at Batanai House.

2001 – Peter Marimi left ZNNP+

2003 – Farai Mahaso, son of Auxillia Chimusoro, decides to revive Batanai as an organisation after he had completed his university studies and invited Peter Marimi to join him. 

2003 May - Farai Mahaso and Peter Marimi teamed up to revive Batanai as an organisation working from Batanai House in Rujeko T/ship with Marimi as Coordinator and Mahaso in charge of Programmes.

2004 August – Batanai asked to coordinate support groups in Masvingo Province after the collapse of ZNNP+. FEPA, a funding agency, agreed to support albeit in a small way. Marimi and Mahaso were joined by Aaron Gono who was acting as Finance Clerk.

2005 August – Batanai asked to cease coordinating support groups by Minister of Health and Child Welfare as it was hoped that ZNNP+ was going to be revived.

2006 – Batanai the organisation moved office from Batanai House to the CBD of Masvingo to increase visibility and availability. Batanai the support group continued to meet at Batanai House.

-     Batanai begun offering post-test support in Masvingo in partnership with The Centre who offered to support a professional counsellor in the person of Cathia Dehwe. PSI later offered Batanai its franchise to run its New Life Post Test Support Programme.

2007 – Batanai started running the New Life Post Test Programme as its first major programme.

-      Oxfam GB came in supporting a Community Home Based care programme in Gutu.

-      Gutu sub office opened

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