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FRESH-com is a new project coming in on the heels of the Young4Real Project of 2011 – 2013 focusing on hard to reach communities which include the apostolic churches, mining and farming communities. The Programme is aimed at empowering young people with SRHR and HIV information through advocacy, education and established referral network points. The Programme realises the need to educate the gatekeepers and young people's circle of care about SRHR and HIV challenges facing young people and the various support services young people need to access their sexual and reproductive health and rights services.
Geographic coverage

Primary target
Adolescent boys and girls and young people (aged 10 – 24 years).

Secondary target
Gatekeepers (teachers, district officials, political, religious and traditional leaders). Circle of Care of adolescents and young people (parents, guardians and carers) and SRHR Service Providers (health and education).

Overall Objective
Contribute towards MDG 6 and MDG 5 by enhancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of adolescents aged 10 – 14 years and young people (YP) aged 15 – 24 years, through improved access to quality SRHR information and services.

Specific Objectives
·         Scale-up availability of appropriate, relevant and up to date SRH, sexual rights, HIV, gender and girl empowerment information by 25% for adolescents and young people aged 10 – 24 years.
·         Scale-up dissemination of information on young people's sexual rights.
·         Promoter greater access and uptake to quality SRH services by young people that include HIV prevention, contraceptives and other commodities required for good SRH.
·         Build and enhance the capacity of young people, their "circle of care" and gate keepers to protect young people from HIV and to achieve healthier SRH outcomes in Zimbabwe by 2016
Main activities:
1.      SRH and HIV prevention knowledge dissemination platforms for young people.
2.      Know your constitution, Know your rights and Access your sexual rights Advocacy Campaign for young people by establishing a Young People Technical Working Group.
3.      Build capacity of "Gatekeepers" and "Circle of Care" to understand SRH&R issues.
4.      Intergenerational dialogues between young people and gatekeepers and circle of care to promote effective engagement with young people on sexuality issues.
5.      Conduct "Demand Creation" Dialogues and refer young people for SRH services.
6.      Establish an effective young people referral network with key service points.

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