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One step towards rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates

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99 inmates from Mutimurefu Farm Prison Graduate at Mushagashe Training Centre

Mushagashe training centre 8th graduation ceremony was one with a difference where inmates from Mutimurefu Farm prison were part of the graduates. The graduation ceremony was running under the theme: "Employment creation for Zimbabwean youths through skilling in support of ZIMASSET."

It was a hive of activity at Mushagashe training Centre graduation ceremony as it saw 99 inmates from Mutimurefu Farm prison being part of the graduates. They were also graduating in various skills trades which include, welding, motor mechanics, carpentry and joinery, building, plumbing and drain laying and hairdressing. The trainings were supported by Batanai HIV and AIDS Service Organisation (BHASO) with financial support from Big Lottery Fund through Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).

Hounarable comrade Patrick Zhuwao, Minister of Youth Indigenisation and economic empowerment was the guest of honour at the event. In his speech he noted that this was a graduation with a difference where inmates were also taking part. He went on to say that this was the first step in the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates into society following the shift from the prisons being punitive but a correctional centre. He pointed out that the shift has seen the change of name from Zimbabwe Prison Services (ZPS) to Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS).

BHASO is supporting with the trainings to the inmates who are about to be released for their positive reintegration into society. They are promoting rehabilitation and reintegration through skills training and thus reduce reoffending among the inmates.

The inmates were happy to have been accorded the opportunity to learn and be certified and this will help them a long way. Some of the inmates noted that these courses will assist them when they are out, as they will be having some skill and knowledge to work using their own hands that is they will be highly productive self - reliant business persons running their own enterprises.

To enhance their skills in the trained trades they will continue to be attached in the various departments in the prison so that when they are released they will have acquired the skills. These skills will assist them in search of jobs and/or to start their own workshops and be employers. For those with the passion of furthering their skills they will also be assisted in trade testing so that they can be classified artisans. 

To support the graduation from ZPCS was the Officer commanding Masvingo Assistant Commissioner Ndanga, the national rehabilitation coordinator as well as staff from other ZPCS departments.

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