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We Need DSD now more than Ever!

Tinashe Zezai (M&E @ BHASO)     05:43  No comments

In solidarity with AVAC: global advocates for HIV prevention to end AIDS. Follow this link
  We Need DSD now more than ever! for more information on the ever increasing need for Differentiated deliver Services.

Clients having a health talk before getting their resupplies at an Outreach Site in Mwenezi.

Outreach Clinic support has always been very useful in reaching out to the hard to reach communities with HIV and other health services. Some ART clients however would still have to travel unbearable long distances (10-15km) to access services at the Outreach Site. The model, while crucial in itself has prooved to be not economically effective due to its need for financial and human resources. In recent years, such  necessities has led to innovation in modelling of best practices and methods of enhancing ART coverage and adherence for ART clients in hard to reach areas. These include the new born baby Out of Facility Community ART Distribution which Medicin Sans Frontiers piloted with BHASO as an implementing partner with the support of the Ministry of Health and Child Care and is now up for scaling up to other sites, districts and Provinces.  

ART clients in hard to reach areas need your support..!