About Us

Our Vision

Total Empowerment for Positive Living

Our Mission

To empower people infected and affected by HIV & AIDS by providing services that will enable them to improve the quality of their lives.

Our Values & Objectives

As an organisation BHASO values accountability, confidentiality, gender sensitivity, respect for human rights, meaningful involvement of people living with HIV and cooperation.

BHASO’s Main Objective is To build the capacities of people infected by HIV & AIDS for positive living. Target groups: BHASO works with the infected and affected being mostly HIV support groups, youths, poorly resourced rural farmers, orphans and other vulnerable children.


Batanai HIV & AIDS Service Organisation (BHASO) runs different projects in 9 districts of Zimbabwe, supporting people infected and affected by HIV

Batanai started in 1992 when some of the first people disclosed their HIV positive status came together in Harare to discuss their plight as people living with HIV and AIDS. They decided to go back home and start HIV and AIDS support groups in order to support each other as PLHIV. Auxilia Chimusoro returned to her home in Rujeko Township Masvingo and started Batanai HIV and AIDS support group, despite facing stigma, discrimination, poverty and sickness.

Auxilia and other members of Batanai went on to facilitate the formation, training and coordination of support groups in various districts of Masvingo province, forming a strong Provincial Network of Support Groups which she coordinated under the Zimbabwe National of People living with HIV and AIDS (ZNNP+), of which she is co-founder .In time Batanai grew and separated from the Provincial Network to stand on its own developing a secretariat for programs known as Batanai HIV and AIDS services organization (BHASO), while the support group itself continues to function.


  • Improving and expanding HIV Treatment
  • Improving prison health
  • Improving reproductive health
  • Empowering adolescent and young people living with HIV
  • Strengthening Community Systems
  • Building resilience